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Fonts without Serif and Grotesque (Sans Serif fonts)

In Sans Serif fonts there are no serifs at the ends of the letters, which is considered their main feature. The first grotesques appeared in 1816 and were used to draw attention to headlines and advertisements. The basis of modern sets of typographic letters is the system of symbols Akzidenz-Grotesk from the company Berthold. 

From the 20th century to today, chopped fonts are mainly used for accidents and text typing. The Uni, Helvetica and Franklin Gothic families gained the greatest popularity. In general, grotesques are usually divided into 7 main types, which include the following. 

Old fonts are simple and rough shapes. They are open, half-closed or monospaced. Lowercase letters with a large spectacle. The family includes both straight and inclined grotesques. 
Newer - more elegant versions of previous fonts, which are characterized by the absence of pronounced distinctive features. Remote elements of the upper part have a similar size of capital letters. 
Open - modern grotesque with low contrast and the predominance of non-geometric forms. Vertical strokes with beveled cuts are found only in this type of chopped fonts. 
Antiqua-grotesque - a cross between the grotesque and classic fonts from the time of the Renaissance. At the ends of the font strokes are placed small nodules or serifs. 
Geometric - fonts using simple shapes like circles or squares. This type of grotesque was created by German artists under the influence of the Bauhaus design school and the constructivism that originated in the Soviet Union. 
Monospaced - special fonts with symbols of the same thickness. Grotesques are used in cases where columns and signs must coincide vertically in the set. For example, this is relevant for program listings or table layout. 
Humanistic - grotesque with proportions, structure and form, which are based on old-age antiqua. Fonts are created with an open pattern and slight contrast between the lines. 

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