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Decorative fonts

On the portal BestFonts.pro you can download free decorative fonts for every taste - from poster, volume or cartoon to vintage, fabulous or pixel. Sets from the catalog are presented in TTF, EOT, WOFF and WOFF2. For example, if you want to use them on your website, then easily connect to HTML documents. CSS supports all of these formats. If necessary, the kits are easy to install in MacOS, Photoshop, Figma and Sketch, and then used for styling or custom tasks. 

Decorative style and elements significantly complicate the graphic design of letters, which impairs visual perception. However, the unreadability of fonts is compensated by the original form. To do this, the basic components are ornamented, the rhythmic organization of the letters is changed, the artistic stylization of serifs is modified, etc. 

To give the fonts a distinctive look, optical illusions are often resorted to. Designers achieve the appropriate effect with the help of ornaments, object decorations and non-ornamental means, which are very diverse. For example, when it is necessary to preserve readability, professionals use the so-called "tactful complication" of strokes. 

Other methods are common. These include the modification of lowercase rhythm signs, the vertical stretching of the inscriptions with the complexity of the configuration and the stylization of the text composition according to a given geometric pattern. Among the popular design techniques is also worth highlighting the colorization of words, painting the space inside the letters and the alternation of bold with light. 

Special attention is given to fonts with the combination of signs and images. The text they have typed is not only read, but considered. A vivid example of this is the alphabets for children, where letters are made similar to specific objects. Although the letters do not agree well with the rules of readability, in the process of their perception figurative thinking is involved. As a result, the information is absorbed much better. 

The scope of application of decorative fonts is very extensive - film posters, computer games, advertising, educational literature, signs, invitation cards, menus, graphic novels, Internet sites, etc. The characters forming font sets are ideal for highlighting important text areas. And as headings or single letters, as well as entire paragraphs or pages.

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