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Handwritten and Script fonts

The BestFonts.pro portal has a huge collection of handwritten fonts that you can download and use for free on your website. If scripts are required for design tasks, the sets presented in the section are easily connected to popular graphic editors - from Figma or Sketch to Photoshop or Corel Draw. Packages offered for download are also easy to install as system on MacOS, Linux or Microsoft Windows. To speed up the search for collections, set filters according to the parameters you need. 

Scripts imitate handwritten letters, numbers, and other characters. This explains their name. Fonts are in demand in web design and layout layouts for printing. The type of font sets is determined by the simulated writing tool. For example, a wide-nib pen, an art brush, a graphite pencil, a spirit marker or an ordinary pen. 

Additionally, handwritten fonts are divided into coherent and incoherent. In the first case, the letters are interconnected, and in the second, the characters are in the lines separately. There are also semi-connected fonts. Consolidation is performed on specific parts or sides of characters. As for the application, font sets are often used to attract attention or design textbooks. 

The disadvantages of fonts include difficult visual perception, which reduces the readability of typed texts. But the scripts are excellent for giving meaning to headlines, quotes, single lines or small passages of classical literary works. With their help, they often draw up restaurant menus, company logos, commercial presentations, chapter titles, etc. 

According to the style, the fonts are divided into several large groups. Formal scripts are based on letters from books of writers of the 17th and 18th centuries. Writing stylized under the letters displayed by the pen. The thickness of the lines is uniform. The sets are used when it is necessary to imitate a manuscript and write it out or to issue certificates and invitations to special events like weddings and anniversaries. 

The second group - casual fonts, which reproduces a wet brush, differ in free style and sometimes have lines with variable thickness. The first sets appeared at the beginning of the last century. The popularity of kits increased after the widespread use of photographic compositions in the 50s. Today, scripts are often used for advertising and styling for engraving.

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