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In this section, BestFonts.pro offers free serif fonts from independent developers and famous designers from large companies. The font sets presented on the site are easy to install into MacOS and Windows operating systems or connect to PhotoShop, Figma and Sketch graphic editors. If you wish, you can use antiques on your website. To speed up the selection of the desired collections, use filters. 

The shape of the capital letters of serif fonts goes back to the monumental inscriptions of ancient Rome. Lower-case letters originate in the book humanistic minuscule, which became widespread during the Renaissance. The first antiqua sets for typing appeared in the 15th century among printers in Germany and Italy. Since then, the system of signs has repeatedly changed. The process continues today. 

Currently, fonts are widely in demand not only in the printing industry, but also among web designers. For example, on the Internet with their help make out headings or basic text blocks. However, some experts are of the opinion that antiquaries are not suitable for articles of large volume. Zasechki supposedly create additional strain on the eyes of users. 

Although all serif fonts are similar to each other, the characters that form them differ in shape. For example, old antiquaries are characterized by moderate contrast, rounded strokes at the ends of letters and inclined axes of oval components. The appearance of the characters from the transition sets was largely shaped by the characteristics of engraving on metal surfaces. 

The fonts of the new style are characterized by pronounced contrast, long thin serifs and vertical orientation of the oval axes. In low-contrast antiquas, which became the logical continuation of the newstyle, the contrast decreased slightly, and the lines of letters were rounded. These character systems were primarily used for typing newspaper texts. 

Squared antiquities have powerful rectangular serifs, and the incident ones have triangular ones. There are also anti-grotesque and monospaced fonts. The first are a cross between classic antiques and grotesques. The second includes signs of equal width to attract attention, a set of technical texts, design tables and simulate typing impressions.

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