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If you are looking for where to download a free collection of slab fonts, BestFonts.pro is at your service! In this section of our portal you will find dozens of headsets that can be used on your website or installed in MacOs, Photoshop, Figma or Sketch. To download the kit you are interested in, go to its page and click the button below. 

Squared fonts are distinguished by pronounced rectangular serifs. The rounds are either absent or made small and are placed in places where they are connected to the base strokes. The family of characters is characterized by a slight contrast, which is observed between the transverse length of the connecting and main lines. Sometimes there is no contrast at all. 

England is considered the birthplace of fonts. The printers of Albion began to use them from the 19th century. By contrast, the shape of the ovals, the type of serifs and the degree of diversity in their widths, the sets of signs are classified into 5 subspecies. These include Egyptian, Geometric, Humanistic, Clarendon and Italian. The latter stand out against the general background of reverse contrast. 
Due to the weak contrast, squared fonts are optimal for designing large text. Pages typed with their help visually appear to be much darker than pages that are made up using other headsets. This is explained by the density and uniformity of the thickness of the strokes. Font kits have gained popularity among web designers and publishers of children's books.

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