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ALS Schlange Sans

Author: Art. Lebedev Studio

License: Paid fonts

Language support: Cyrillic, Latin

Categories: Sans Serif fonts

  • 09.01.2019
  • 4238
  • 3645
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Unfortunately, the font was removed at the request of the copyright holders.

How to intall the font in:
Windows, MacOS, Linux, Photoshop, WEB site
Comments ( 7)
Александр Гетте from10.06.2019 11:34:40
Думаю сойдет для лендоса)
T6JTP0MI6ZTE www.yandex.ru from13.01.2020 23:38:05
T6JTP0MI6ZTE www.yandex.ru
спасибо за шрифт
ffadsf from13.05.2020 16:21:49
matzzin from13.05.2020 16:22:48
muito top essa font hein
tranngoc from07.07.2020 11:19:19
thanks you
omar from10.07.2020 05:25:40
hola cuanto cuesta la tipografia me gusta
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